Roly Poly

This story is for anyone who has ever felt different.

I went to visit with a toad friend of mine, where the water is set out for him.

He was not there.

I called for him and reached out for a stone in the water.

I held the stone in my hand closely, speaking with my heart.

The stone became warm.

I felt a heartbeat, mine or its , I do not know.

Then I noticed crawling on the brick, a roly-poly…

an albino roly-poly.

I said ‘Hello’,


‘You are an albino’.

She said “yes.”

“You are different from all of the other roly polies.

She said ‘yes.”

“I feel different from all of the humans.”

She said ‘yes.”

I wondered how she dealt with it.  I mean, being a part of something, yet being so different.

All of the other roly-polies are the same.

“How?  How do I say I am different, yet the same?”

“Yes, you have special talents and gifts to share. Yet, your being different does not take away from their being unique.”

Each are different and unique, in different and unique ways. Some are more externally obvious than others,  some not.

“As well, your being different does not erase your commonness.”

There is always a common thread amongst you… all of us, really.

“I am drastically unique in my expression of a roly-poly, yet I am still undoubtedly a roly-poly.”

My  message to all is:
‘Delight in your uniqueness, in a foundation of your similarities.”


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