Comment on Mourning

Some spiritual teachers and advisors, understanding that no one actually ever dies, will espouse that any mourning should not occur when a loved one dies.

Although, I understand where they are coming from in the greater philosophical sense that no one ever truly dies, they just lose their physical body. Who they are, their soul and spirit continue on.

I get this. I do.

However to purport that someone shouldn’t feel the loss or mourn is ridiculous.

In our physical existence, there is a loss. And we, living in the physical realm feel this. And sometimes, we feel it immensely.

There is also an emotional withdrawal as well. This is mostly because we are only accustomed to placing the heaviest weight of reality on the physical. Now, the relationship is altered. We only have to transform our end, to access the relationship again. This is an opportunity for us to grow and develop our inner world.

So, the feelings of loss are real, pet or person, because the loved one has left the physical environment. However, if you look back on it, you can easily see that the relationship mainly occurred in the non-physical, in the realms of the heart, the emotions, the spirit, no?

Though, it is the physical is where we mostly put our conscious focus. Even though the other realms exist, just as equally as strong, we are not as attuned to them. If we can open up to this, it can help lead us to exploring developing our inner relationship with our loved one to a stronger and more real and conscious relationship with them.

Honoring Ceremonies are here to help us with that. They provide a bridge to helping us connect with our eternal relationship with our loved ones.

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