How deep is your love?

How deep is your love Spirit HonoringYes, I’ll be corny and reference a popular Bee Gees song. I do so love that song. I find it a heartfelt dialogue between God and human. Take a deeper listen and I’m sure you’ll hear it, too.

Now, let’s get to the real nitty-gritty of this article:

The night before last, I felt someone praying for me.

It’s true, I did.

I felt the energy of prayer for me from another. It was sweet and amazing. It was from a neighbor praying for me and asking God to bless me. It was unmistakable and real.

This was a man, just a day or two prior, I heard yelling for help after a loud crash moments before.

I left to explore and caught a glimpse of my neighbor trapped under a trailer that had overturned and pinned him down on a steep driveway.  He was bloody with multiple facial lacerations. Long, long story short, I was there to lift the trailer and help release him. During his nightly prayers, he was sending me love and thanks for helping him.

This was the second time I felt someone’s prayers for me.

The first time I had this experience was while working with a Spiritual Teacher a few years prior. I felt his general prayers of love for me one night. I kind of just chalked it up to the fact I was working with this great spiritual person.

I mean, I was surprised to feel it, but it made sense and I was happy to have felt it.

It made me engage more with doing the same for the people I do spiritual work for, understanding that it does reach them, even if they are not aware of it.

This time, it felt just as great, to feel the prayers of another, but it triggered a whole new spectrum of wonder to consider.

What are the variables at play here that are allowing me to feel this now? I mean, I’m not a bad person and I’m relatively certain someone, somewhere has said a prayer or two for me before. So, why did I not feel it then and felt it now?

Why was I able to feel these two prayers?

I started to look at the two components and considered: what is going on with the sender of the prayer and what is going on with the receiver of the prayer.

There must be some type of quality or energetic level which would enable a prayer to be perceived.

Prayers can be a light, general type of thought that passes.

Prayers can also be intensely heartfelt and even charged with depth and emotion. We’ve all experienced the difference between lightly thinking a thought and deeply being connected to them with emotion.

I believe the man I helped wanted deeply, with all of his soul, to thank me and send me blessings. I believe this added spiritual weight of the prayer, so to speak.

Beautiful Flowers Spirit Honoring

Interestingly enough, around both of the times that I was aware of the prayers of another for me, I had been involved in studying and working with the spiritual aspects of receiving.

I was reading Sanaya Roman’s book, Living With Joy, which states that sometimes we are only open partially to receiving love, even as little as 25%.

I was trying to stretch and actively work on being more open and allowing space to receive love.

Recently, another spiritual teacher, had given me the idea of receiving love from the sunlight and moonlight and I had been practicing this.

It was in the quiet moments of receptive stillness that I was able to perceive the love and prayers of another for me.

Feeling the prayer of another for me opened up a whole new realm of the experience of feeling in the spirit world.  I felt the realness of prayer and the real connection which runs between us.

So, how deep is your love?

How deep are your prayers and how open are you to receiving love?

Keep in mind that even the smallest of prayers have great value. But, if you want to expand these skills, try giving it some thought and attention. Really feel the depth when praying for others and allow yourself to be more open to receiving.SpiritHonoring How deep is your love

Look at the moonlight and feel love.

Be open to receiving love.

And, as always, give yourself love for engaging in spiritually expansive activities!

Keep me posted. I’d love to work with you on this.


L. Leigh Love
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  1. Beautiful. Thanks so much for exploring these paths and sharing them… it’s always so helpful!!
    I wonder how often we notice but don’t notice we notice 🙂

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