‘What does life expect out of you?’

This is a big question. This article overviews understanding life expectations for personal growth and development.

Understanding life expectations

I’ll share some of my responses and process in doing this deep exercise.

The response that first popped up was that ‘Life expects me to try.’

We see this fundamentally, over and over, in nature as the ‘will to live.’ Animals and people who are making extraordinary efforts to survive in extreme or threatening conditions.

Though, in addition to overt threats to life, there can be covert ones. These can be in the form of things like depression, anxiety, trauma experience, regret, addiction, etc. With theses, it can be harder to know what to do or how to manage and they can be exceedingly damaging.

I have had both, my faith and fortitude, tested over and over again in life. To a degree, that I am surprised I am still here. And sometimes, I’ll be honest, the will to live just wasn’t there.  This manifested in being paralyzed by inactivity due to life trauma which affected me on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual realms. It was a feeling that was so overwhelming and defeating. I was stuck in the middle of where I didn’t want to be. And it felt insurmountable.

But what I came to understand is that, if taking the big steps is too much then, I simply needed to take smaller ones. Just do something, no matter how small, that works towards where you want to be.

It’s the little steps that get you there.

‘Life expects me to try.’ And I think at the end of my life review, I will expect the same thing from myself.

Life sees even the smallest step as trying. Setting intention and direction is important. Keeping your eye on the goal will help. 

What small step can you make today?


Next response

The next response to ‘What does life expect from me?” was that‘ life expects me to learn and grow’.

Life includes evolving. We see this with all of life. Cheetahs are running faster, Hawks are flying higher, Bees and plants are getting smarter, Humans are trending nicer.

In understanding life expectations, life is always changing and evolving. It seems life expects learning and growth with this. The question specific to life is understanding what that learning and growing is for you.

More so, everyone will have their own opportunities for learning and growth. It could be responsible financing, better parenting, self-reliance, healing addiction, evolving art or music, experiencing joy, improving integrity, etc.

What area of your life would you like to grow and evolve?


The last response in understanding life expectations,

was ‘Life expects me to contribute.’

None of us lives alone. We are all on this great planet. I think life expects me to contribute to the greater good. Part of this also is not being greedy, which could be considered the opposite of contribution. It’s ok to have money and wealth. Greed is more of an attitude of wanting all for yourself or taking without contributing back.

In understanding life expectations, contributing is way to show value and gratitude. It is a way to show appreciation back to life.

This can be an outward contribution to the greater good, like Edison with the light bulb. Or this can simply be healing yourself.

The greatest gift you can give another is a healthy you’. What a great contribution to the world, a healthy you!

When you learn to take time to care for the self, you are showing yourself value, and that you are valued. You are also then being a shining example to others that you matter. This is the hardest thing in the world to do, when you haven’t felt this from others. But you can do it!

This also directly, and indirectly, gives others permission and inspiration to do the same. It contributes to the well-being of all.  


Exercise: ‘What does life expect out of you?”

Understanding Life Expectations: Dedicate some time to answering the question. See what comes up for you. Follow the process of where the response come from, specific to your life. It can bring great meaning, growth, understanding, awareness and healing.

This exercise would be great to do privately with journaling, in the garden, partnering with a friend or even in a focused intuitive session and we can go through it together. It is very powerful to share and have a supportive presence.

It’s so important to find supportive people and resources. Keep looking for what will help and support you.

My work is about getting to that place of inner peace, knowing, healing and love.

Have fun with this exercise. Be gentle with yourself and blessings to you as you explore healing and health! Contact me and we can have a focused session together on this!

Sending light and love to you,



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