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I am a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Certified Life Coach offering unique services of Creativity, Intuitive and Personal Coaching. I love using guided meditations, in group or private sessions, to help us align with our goals and best life. Tapping into this energy is restorative to our soul and spirit.

I am an accomplished Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Pranic Healer. I first started out in traditional medicine as a Physician Assistant.

I completed the Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School. I appreciate, and have greatly studied, the inter-connectedness of healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Given the breadth of education, training and experience, where I shine best is being able to access that point of higher connection. I use this in sessions for healings, readings and honoring of souls, animals and land. It’s also fantastically fun to use in Creativity Coaching sessions.

As well, I draw on over 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. I have a passion for helping people heal and live their best lives. I have a special interest in helping people heal grief. Holding an Honoring Ceremony, for a pet or person, is immensely loving and healing.

I help clients nationally and internationally remotely and in person.

I’d love to chat with you about services that I offer. Please contact me for a free consult!

Shine Bright!

L. Leigh Love


Author website LLeighLove.com – Roly-Poly and the Light, award-winning Children’s book

L. Leigh Love also works with Pets PetHonoring.com


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