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I want to  live the best and highest life I can and help as many as possible do the same. Like many of us, I had a lot of early tragic and tough conditions. I have spent a lifetime learning to over come obstacles, heal and transform.  I am passionate about continuing to learn and grow and to share. I have studied a lot and offer a variety of service, but they all can be simplified into answering one of three questions.

My life’s work is to help answer:

1) How can we best heal 

2) How can we express our divine self and

3) How can we be better Earth stewards. 

All of my work addresses an aspect of each of these questions. Sometimes they overlap.


How we can best heal

Healing is sacred. We all, without exception, need this at some point and need help from another in doing so. It can be a very vulnerable time. I respect this space and feel very honored and privileged to be able to assist someone on their path of health and healing.

I have been engaged in spiritual studies and exploration for more than 20 years and enjoys sharing with others. I have traditional medical training and practiced as a physician assistant for many years. Fascinated by energy healing, and a deep desire to understand and explore the aspects of healing, I left traditional practice to pursue these studies.

I am trained in traditional and ancient forms of Reiki, Usui and Sekhem/Seichim. I began study Reiki in 2007 and have been a Reiki Master since 2011, which includes Reiki Master Teacher certification. I continued studying other forms of eCAM Fair Demonstrating Reikinergy healing such as Healing Touch, Tellington T touch, Shamanic healing and Pranic healing. I became an Advanced Pranic Healer in 2013. I offer private Energy Healing sessions in person and through distance sessions.

Working with Spiritual Masters, I developed a system which adds an additional element of divine energy, called Bridge-of-Light Reiki. This is unique to my work. This enhances the effects of energy work, meditations and sessions.

I hold regular guided meditations at my studio which have themes such as Healing and Receiving Love, Clearing/Cleansing, Thankfulness and Gratitude, etc.  I believe we need more activities and venues out there where we can access this space so, this is me ‘walking my talk’ so to speak. Plus, I just love doing them. I also teach a class on learning the basics of Energy Medicine for self healing. This is not a certification class, but for the everyday person to learn for themselves and others.

I have a special interest in death and grief healing and have done a lot of work understanding the components to the energetic withdrawal that happens when a soul departs our life in the physical as well as the emotional components of the later and latent stages of grief. Our emotional body goes through a withdrawal when a loved one leaves the physical. Energy work can assist in helping heal this. This is can be for person or pet (love is love, after all.)

There is also an energetic component to when the soul leaves a body returning back to the spirit world. Energy sessions can help assist and sooth this process. The ‘healing’ here is not ‘curing’, but rather healing the emotional and spiritual bodies so the transition is smoother. Bringing in Reiki to a hospice room helps the soul feel better and often helps surrounding loved ones. It is divinely special and I love assisting in this manner.

A gift for you, for reading this far, is that I will share with you a special reflection from when I was doing an Energy transition session for an elderly man with brain cancer. As I was assisting with the connection of this soul back home, he showed me a glimpse of the glorious light and he gently said, in awe, “It’s so beautiful over here’. I can still ‘see’ it and feel it. I hope you can, too.

I am also hoping to publish soon, A Pet Loss Comfort Book; a grief healing toolbox: A guide for healing grief, finding peace and restoring love after pet loss. And hope to soon complete another ‘The Value of Honoring in Healing Grief: understanding the later and latent stages of grief.


How can we express our divine selves?

Beyond healing, how can we take the next step to express our divine self?  I want to know this for myself and help others get there.

I am fascinated by knowing that we are all divine and we all have a divine connection. How can we increase our awareness and access to this? How can we better align with our true nature?

Healing is a part of this. The Bridge-of-Light work I do overlaps with this. During energy sessions, this helps increase and augment our natural connection to source and our divine selves. The meditation sessions also are an opportunity to be ‘in that space’ and align with the divine.  I teach classes such as ‘Centering the Mind’ and ‘Sacred Listening.’

In 2009, I followed a calling to become ordained a non-denominational reverend through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. This is a gift and blessing as it further increased my connection to spirit and the divine. I pass this energy onto people and animals.


How can we be better Earth Stewards?

SpiritHonoring How deep is your loveI embrace a spiritual perspective which honors our sacred connection to life. It holds that we are a part of nature and are given great gifts by life and Mother Earth. We are all divine. Not only can we access the divine within, we can access the divine in life, everyday, and our connection to it all. Here, we experience a greater expanded joy and vitality in life.

I intimately believe, like Ted Andrews, that nature and spirit speak to us if we listen. And when we listen, we awaken to the magic, meaning and love inherent in life. We discover deeply that we truly are all connected, and what a joyful place to be 

When my beloved 12yo lab mix Kelsey died, I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t anything in our society to honor our pets. I felt devastated that ‘that was it.’ She was my girl and part of my family. I couldn’t believe that we don’t do anything to honor them and say thank you. So, I began studying this and created Pet Honoring. I started holding Pet honoring memorial services for others privately in 2008. Seeing a greater need, I started holding these monthly for the general public. People from all over send in pets to be honored. I now also hold Animal Blessings for local organizations.

Also, I wanted to bring forward addressing senior pet care, end of life and grief healing with our pets.  I also organize the Angel Pets Conference which focusing on Senior Pet Care, End-of-life care, caregiver support and grief healing.  And I also organize the Angel Pets Expo to also help bring people together with resources to help us better care for our pets and ourselves as pet parents. I very much enjoy being a pioneer in enhancing our care for and relationships with animals companions.

I also do land clearings and blessings. The earth holds energy, just like we do. Clearing the energy and instilling a blessing, an energy of thanks and appreciation goes a long way. This can be done for houses and building as well.

I am never happier than when connecting with nature. I love to feel that connection and the shared experience of life and being. I am a nature artist and photographer.

I believe that one of the best things we can do is place a water dish in our backyard. All creatures need fresh water. Even if you live near a river or stream, the access is not always possible or optimal. Maintaining a water dish is a loving and beautiful way to express connection and support.

I offer a certain amount of pro-bono work each month. If you need fee assistance, please reach out to me.

Call or email me to get more information about any of this. We’ll talk…like Coffee talk!

In kindred and loving spirit.

L. Leigh Love


(Ted Andrews is an internationally recognized author, storyteller and teacher. He is best known for his work with animal mysticism and for his bestselling Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small)

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