Distance Energy Sessions

Distance Energy Sessions

Distance Healing Energy Sessions are done when in-person sessions are not possible or preferred. Distance healing sessions work because spirit and love transverse through space and the physical.

Scientifically speaking, energy and intention moves through space-time much like gravity, creating pathways for connection and that people can use.  Prayer utilizes this same principal.  There is an element of spirit which moves through everything and connects us. We know this intuitively. Have you ever felt love or a connection to someone across the country? It works the same way.

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Distance Healing Practitioners are trained and skilled to access and utilize this healing energy pathway, at this deeper level. An energy healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing, equally effectively as if the person is in the same room or across the world.

My Distance Healing Sessions are unique and done in real time with the client. We make a real time appoinmtent and connection through cell or video through Zoom.

I also incorporate a pre-consultation and guided meditation prior and certain techniques to further assist the connection and enhance the effects.

Energy work can be a complete healing system.

And it can work well as a compliment and in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote quicker recovery.

Bridge-of-Light’ Technique

I also, interweave an additional element of divine energy into energy session and term this Bridge-of-Light. This is a highly specialized technique which is unique to my work. 

Self-healing Energy work exercises

My clients also receive instruction and self-healing exercise they can use to continue to balance and heal.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Call me, we’ll chat.


L. Leigh Love

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To order

Regular Session $85 (1-1/2 hr)

To order: https://bright-star-studio.square.site/product/reiki-energy-session/23?cp=true&sbp=false

L. Leigh Love is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healing Specialist. and has also completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She is also a certified Physician Assistant. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for helping clients heal and live their best lives.


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