End-of-Life Assitance

We all want a peaceful death for ourselves and our family. Endeavors in Hospice have come a long way in providing physical comfort for the dying process, Reiki and Energy work helps provide comfort on the emotional and spiritual levels for this process.

The two main services provided for the dying are

End-of-Life Energy Sessions – This inevitable part of life is often stressful. Reiki and energy work can support the person with their transition by providing soothing energy that helps ease the physical and emotional aspects of dying. Reiki facilitates the natural flow of the transition process and helps the person or pet feel cared for in a deep and loving way. It helps to dissolve confusion and provides comfort for the recipient and their loved ones.

Loving Transition Kit – was created to help soothe and ease any major life transition. The items included are specifically designed and created to hold the energy of love and comfort during times of great change.  These major life changing transitions can include separation, relocation, new job and even End-of-Life. These times can benefit from addressing the spiritual and emotional aspects and help us align with divine energy and assistance. Contents include an Angel pendant, LightBody CD and Loving Transition Energy Spray.


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