End-of-Life Energy Session

Energy work to aid in the comfort of transitioning, helping facilitate the emotional and spiritual aspects of dying.

This inevitable part of life is often stressful. Reiki and energy work can support the person with their transition by providing soothing energy that helps ease the physical and emotional aspects of dying. Reiki facilitates the natural flow of the transition process and helps the person or pet feel cared for in a deep and loving way. It helps to dissolve confusion and provides comfort for the recipient and their loved ones.

We often think of healing and death as opposite. And yes, sometimes death is the result of lack of health and healing. But death, in and of itself, is a natural process. And with any natural process, it can be aided and supported by bringing in loving life force energy. The goal here is not to ‘heal’ the person in terms of ‘curing’ them back and out of death (though sometimes that does happen). The goal here, in End-of-life Energy Sessions, is to support the transition. Sometimes energy healings do occur within the person which makes the process easier and nicer for the one transitioning.

Can energy work cause someone to transition before their time? No.

Can energy work keep someone here if it is their time? No.

What it can, and is designed to do, is to support and ease the process of what the soul needs and is going through.

Energy work aids in providing a soothing, easy energy to the process of dying. It also works to comfort and balance those around. It brings loving and gentle energy to the surrounding environment.

Let’s face it, we all want a peaceful death for ourselves and our family. While endeavors in Hospice have come a long way in providing physical comfort for the dying process, Reiki and Energy work helps provide comfort on the emotional and spiritual levels for this process. I already know, I want loving, healing, honoring energy sessions when I die. Sign me up! Yes, it is time we understood and attended to this extremely important phase of life. Have any questions? Call me, let’s chat about it!

Sessions are in-person or distance.  $85/hr
Please contact me for further information, questions or arranging a distance service.

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