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I work with both people and pets, as well as conduct in-person and distance sessions.

Types of Energy Sessions:

What is Energy Healing?                    

Reiki is a Japanese word for ‘universal life energy’. It is a gentle, holistic, natural energy healing system that affects the body on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balance, cleansing and revitalization of our energy centers. It works where the recipient needs it most, releasing blockages, cleansing toxins and working to create a state of balance. It is soothing, loving and healing. Pranic healing uses prana (life-force) to balance, cleanse, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Distance sessions are also available, as spirit and energy transcends the physical.

What is a Session like?

The client is lying or sitting in a comfortable and peaceful environment fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands gently in a series of positions on or over the body without pressure or manipulation. It is not massage.  Some feel the work as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, other sensations, or nothing at all. It is deeply relaxing.

People receiving Reiki/Energy work often express a sense of rejuvenation and connection to their own innate spirituality, or inner source of meaning and come away feeling a greater sense of balance and centeredness. Treatment is enhanced if one can rest for a while afterwards and drink plenty of water to help the body detox

What is energy work & how can it help you

There are many varieties of energy work. I use mainly Reiki and Pranic Healing.

What is Energy work:  All forms of energy work are predicated on the foundation that there is a life force which runs through all living things.

This life force energy

  • is what sustains life (i.e. enables us to heal and  a seed to grow into a plant)
  • enable vital bodily maintenance of things such as digestion, immunity, cognition

In short, every tangible thing, has an energetic component

It is often thought that the physical state can be a good representation or indicator of what is going on energetically. And by clearing/healing at the energetic level, the physical/emotional/mental will heal.

The body has energy centers which manage the flow and balance of life force. These are commonly referred to as chakras. Your body has 7 major and hundreds of minor chakras.

In addition to a physical body, we also have an emotional body, mental body and energetic body. When healthy, these work in harmony and it is ease to maintain balance.

When one of these body systems or part of these bodies is out of harmony (blockages, depleted, congestion, hyperactivity, etc.) then it affects the rest.

Energy work, works on the deeper energetic-foundation level of the body systems to

  • cleanse
  • renew/revitalize
  • harmonize
  • heal

Energy workers are people who have

  • learned and/or mastered the art of accessing this life force energy
  • are able to feel and work with the subtleties of the non-seen energy
  • and are able to offer it to others for healing. (provide an environment where the person can heal)

They can be thought of as skilled transmitters, if you will. Am I a healer? Yes. Am I healing you? No. I am helping you access the divine life for energy which helps you heal. You are your healer allowing the healing, I am just the instrument helping. I also believe that we were meant to help each other and feel honored to do so.


The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words Rei and Ki. Rei –  means “God’s/spiritual Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki –  is “life force energy” which permeates all living things. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”  OR Reiki can be defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence…. or spiritually guided life force energy.

However, the true source of Reiki energy is within us. This does not mean that we use our personal energy when we do Reiki, but that the energy is coming from a transcendental part of ourselves that is connected to an infinite supply of healing energy.

What Reiki isn’t: (knowing what Reiki isn’t is as important as knowing what it is)

  • Reiki is not religious. Reiki is completely nondenominational. It is a philosophy of living in balance and accessing this life force and using it for healing, revitalization and harmony.
  • Reiki is not massage or reflexology. Reiki is an energy-healing system and not a manipulative system (hands moving the body). Since Reiki is being used on the energy body, there is very little, if any touch.

What Reiki is

In short, Reiki gives you what you need at the time. Reiki is

  • Gentle: Reiki’s touch is soft and light.
  • Safe: non damaging, uses and inherent system
  • Natural: You don’t need any equipment, tools or substances.
  • Healing: ‘Healing for the highest good’ is always the goal and the foundation of Reiki.
  • Balancing: Reiki will balance your energy centers.
  • Relaxing: it is soothing, loving energy. When we are relaxed, we are in harmony and able to receive.
  • Revitalizes: increasing access/exposure to life forces is renewing
  • Cleansing: helps remove toxins and energetic ‘gunk’. Just as the physical body needs cleansing and has a system of absorption and elimination, our other body systems (emotional, mental, energetic) need this as well.
  • Blockage release: helps remove blockages for better/natural flow of energy
  • Connection: Helps connect you to your own source, higher self.

How do energy centers get out of harmony (blocked, congested, hyperactive)? The energetic field for the human body is affected every day by environmental living, emotional and mental experiences.

As Reiki flows through a sick or unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away any negative elements in this area, thus allowing a normal healthy flow of Ki to resume. As this happens, the unhealthy physical organs and tissues become properly nourished with Ki and begin functioning in a balanced healthy way thus replacing illness with health.

Reiki stimulates your natural healing ability and this may result in the clearings becoming apparent.  A non-physical clearing often is at the base of a physical clearing.

Healing with the other body systems (emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.) can include

  • clearer sense of purpose
  • a release of emotions or healing of emotional trauma
  • a more focused mind
  • and a deeper connection to your spirituality.

Reiki philosophy suggests that we must always heal our spirit first since clearing the body is a natural and connected method that supports healthy living.

Reiki and energy work can also help us listen to our bodies. Can help us get better in touch with what we need to heal and be balanced.

What is a Treatment like?

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance and has many benefits. The most common sensation is warmth. Others can sense tingling, coolness, nothing, etc. Others also get messages, images, etc. Each time you have a session Reiki meets you where you are at that moment and then moves you closer to your unique place of balance. It helps align you with your higher self.

Acute conditions tend to balance/heal faster than chronic conditions.

Children and animals tend to respond faster than adults.


Pranic Healing accesses the same life force energy as Reiki, but uses refined skills of cleansing, blockage release and revitalization.

I also, interweave an additional element of divine energy into energy session and term this Bridge of Light.

Energy work           

  • can be a complete healing system
  • and it can work well as a compliment and in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote quicker recovery.


About me – I am traditionally and medically trained as a Physician Assistant. I studied with two different Reiki Masters, became a Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Pranic Healer.

I do believe there is a time and place for traditional as well as alternative means of healing. Traditional medicine focuses on treating the physical. I know from treating patients (and my own personal experience), that sometimes ‘beyond physical healing’ is what is needed most.

*a Certified and Insured Practitioner

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