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Although most practitioners work with either people or animals, I enjoy working with both. In my eyes, all souls are divine and worthy of healing and honoring.

“St. Francis had the idea that animals are our brothers and sisters, and through them we see the goodness of God”

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Services: Energy Healing Sessions, Pet Honoring Memorial Ceremony, Pet Transition Ceremony, Grief Healing Session (after pet loss)

Energy Healing Sessions for Animals

Animals respond intuitively and naturally to Reiki to help heal emotional, behavioral and physical illnesses and injuries. Animals enjoy the soothing energy of Reiki, just the same as people.  It is great for stress relief, recovery from illness or during periods of transition.  Animal reiki sessions are usually done on site at the client’s location and generally shorter in duration (half an hour) as animals tend to be efficient in their receptivity. (Longer sessions are available for serious or chronic conditions ) $45

Pet Honoring Ceremony

Pet Honoring Memorial Ceremonies provide a deeply special time to honor, love and celebrate the lives of our animal companions, our special relationship with them and all they gave us. They provide support, emotional healing and help with grieving a pet death.

A consultation is done prior to get to know you and your pet. A dedication is created to signify the specialness of your pet and your relationship. Time is given for both inner and outer reflection and prayer. A special intro and closing are also created. The memorial ceremony is orchestrated with a deep connection to Spirit. Sacred items and ceremonial display complement and enhance the event.

These can be indoors or outdoors, at a home, a park or just about any location desired. They can be for one or many -family, children and friends can be included. They can be for a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, horse or any family pet.

For those who are long distance yet would like a private, personalized session, a guided Pet Honoring Ceremony session can be held through phone communication to help you have your own special time to Honor your loving pet. This works because both Love and Spirit transcends space as well as time. Distance Sessions usually last about half an hour and include a pre-consultation (about half hour) and customized ceremony. In person $95, Private Distance Sessions (phone or skype) – $65

New: Audio Recorded Customized Pet Honoring Ceremony – A customized Pet Honoring Ceremony is held for your beloved pet, recorded and sent to you. $65

Honoring Memorial ceremonies are an expression of love and gives the gift of Honor and Appreciation back to our Pets. Honoring Ceremonies are designed to ease transition, elevate love and understanding and celebrate life.

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Pet End-of-Life Transition Assistance Sessions

This inevitable part of life is often stressful. Reiki and energy work can support the pet with their transition by providing soothing energy that helps ease the physical and emotional aspects of dying. Reiki facilitates the natural flow of the transition process and helps the pet feel cared for and comforted in a deep and loving way. It helps to dissolve confusion and provides comfort for the recipient and their Loved Ones. Sessions are usually done onsite or at a vet’s office. $75

Distance Healing Energy Sessions

Distance Healing Energy Sessions can be done when in person sessions are not possible. Distance healings sessions are possible because spirit and love transcend time and space. Scientifically speaking, energy and intention warps space-time much like gravity, creating pathways for connection and that people, like particles described in quantum physics, have instantaneous correlations across distance. Prayer is a form of distance healing. Distance Healing Practitioners are trained and skilled to formalized and utlize healing energy at a greater level. An energy healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. In my sessions, I use a pre-consult and guided meditation prior to further assist the connection and enhance the effects.

*a Certified and Insured Practitioner

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