Healer Mentoring

Healer Mentoring

In ancient times, students would apprentice with Master Healers for many years learning, developing and cultivating skills in the spiritual and healing arts. These days, things are much faster and sped up. This is fine in many aspects, but it can leave the healer with gaps in knowing how to manage, negotiate and continue to develop their practice. As a society, we have gotten good at sharing tools, but not as good at showing people how to use the tool. There are also many aspects of a healing practice which involves responsibility in utilization for the client, as well as for the healer.

Many healers come to me with questions on how to manage a certain aspect of their practice, complicated interactions, self protection, client boundaries and such. All professions (i.e. sports, business, musicians, actors) have mentors and coaches which serve to improve their professional skill. Healers professionals should be no different. Every healer should have a trusted colleague mentor. Our individualistic society has gotten us away from this, however, it is an ancient practice which brings great value.

Trusted by healers all over, and known as the ‘Healer’s Healer.’ It is my honor and privilege to assist others to be their best self and empower their healing practice.

“I love helping healers. We need more healers out there.”

Healing Meditation

With having a healing practice, it is important to have supportive modalities and means of restoration and renewal. Caregiving professional need to have ways of support, coaching and encouragement. Also, it is vital to have activities of renewing and replenishing the spirit, especially for healers. These mentoring sessions help identify and work on goals, improvements, healing, issues, transformation and restoration.

Professionals sometimes need to share experiences unique to the healing industry or their practice. Different professional perspectives from a seasoned colleague can offer guidance, reassurance or other ways to handle or work through things.

I work with beginning healing professionals as well as seasoned experienced healing professional. I help the healer empower themselves and their practice…and I love doing so!

Bridge-of-Light’ Technique’

I also, interweave an additional element of divine energy into energy session termed, Bridge-of-Light. This is a highly specialized technique which is unique to my work. It offers greater efficacy and divine connection.


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Appointment Policy:

  • Sessions are held In-Person sessions at Bright Star Studio, via phone or Video Zoom.
  • Phone or Zoom Video sessions must be paid for in advance.
  • 24 hour cancellation notice is required BY PHONE or there will be a full charge.


L. Leigh Love is a Spiritual teacher, Certified Intuitive Counselor and Life Coach, Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and Ordained non-denominational Reverend. She completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She also has a master’s Physician Assistant medical degree. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for helping clients heal and live their best lives.
She helps clients nationally, internationally through remote session and in-person at her studio.


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