Loving Transition Kit

This Loving Transition Kit is created to help soothe and ease any major life transition. The items included are specifically designed and created to hold the energy of love and comfort during times of great change.  These major life changing transitions can include separation, relocation, new job and End-of-Life. These times can benefit from addressing the spiritual and emotional aspects and help us align with divine energy and assistance. Contents include an Angle Pendant, LightBody CD, sage stick, and Loving Transition Energy Spray.

LightBody CD – Peter Kater was created as an uplifting and supportive audial companion for life’s many challenges, transitions and metamorphosis.  It has been found to be particularly healing, comforting and inspiring for people facing everything from common daily stress, disease, trauma and even the process of dying.   Trisha Bowden provides beautiful wordless vocals and Paul McCandless plays wind and reed instruments enhancing Peter’s emotional and spacious piano and synth work.   Using the seven chakras as a map, this is a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance than can provide significant relief to individuals and loved ones facing changing circumstances.

Loving Transition Energy Spray

This spray was custom made to hold the energy of being emotionally grounded with ease of transition while being surrounded by love. It energetically it helps ease the process of letting go of one state and accepting another. It helps invoke energy of peace, elation and comfort in the process of an evolving state. Simply put: “Peace, love and comfort with transition.”


End-of-Life Energy Sessions also available, in-person or distance

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