Honoring Wraps ™

When you want to send a hug…










Honoring Wraps™ were designed to do just that.  Similar concept to prayer shawls, Honoring Wraps™  hold love and a hug for the one in need. They are created to wrap around shoulders and transmit love, comfort and healing. They are blessed and infused with divine love to do such. Honoring Wraps™ are intended to be a gift of comfort and love, anytime the need is present. This can be in times of grief, illness, stress, healing, transition or just because.

Honoring Wrap™ 

Sent with loving adoration, to provide comfort and support  in your time of need.

This wrap holds a hug for you.

May divine grace be upon this fabric,
to be comforting and healing,
a sacred place of security and well-being.   Embedded with love, to cover you with blessings, to surround and soothe, wrap it around your shoulders often, it holds a hug for you. 

Honoring Wraps™ are each custom made and unique. They are available in a variety of fabrics. Pictures of available wraps coming soon!

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Honoring Wrap™ Testimonial:

“Since Chewie’s passing I have had a much harder time than I had anticipated it would be.  Although I have had other dear animal companions pass, Chewie was my soul mate and we had a bond that even I did not realize was so very deep.  I could not be more devastated if he were my human child, so these floods of tears and emotions just seem to be never ending.  

I have said all this not to get pity because I am certain both of you have experienced the pain that I feel now, and I just wanted you to know that this amazing present of love, support,  and the hugs you sent to me with the Honoring Wrap was absolutely the most precious gift that I could ever have gotten!

I opened the lovely rose box and read the plaque and then gently wrapped my shoulders and my heart in your love and support and just rocked in my rocker for a long time.  It was the most comfort that I have had in the week since Chewie passed.  The sweetness of his spirit was finally with me because I have not been able to feel it until then, and I also truly felt as if two of my very best friends were quietly holding my hands and sharing my sorrow, lessening my burden and giving me their strength. It was as if you were both present with me and that  was very special. 

There are not words to express the comfort that this brings and I still have my Honoring Wrap on.  I breathed deeply into the material and relaxed my soul, and for that Beloved Friends I have you both to thank.  Only you two  could be so thoughtful and I will love you both forever for your thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit.  Chewie would be proud that you have taken such wonderful care of me in my time of need, and I am forever in your debt.




828. 505. 7315   LLMeriweather @ yahoo.com

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