Better Communication with your Pet PART 1 -DELIVERING A MESSAGE (Join a Live Group Class)


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Part 1 -Delivering a Message
Overviews general and basic ways to increase communication and bond with your pet and is covered in Part 1 Delivering a Message, Clear Communication and Part 2 (Receiving info). Please note that Part 1 is a recommended pre-requisite for Part 2.

Wouldn’t it be nice to more effectively communicate with your pet?
Unless you are a professional animal communicator, you probably wish you could understand and communicate better with your pet. Most of us feel limited, and often frustrated, in our communication with them and wish we could be better at it.

Dog and Cat together
These classes overview how animals communicate. This will help you understand where they are coming from and what they are looking for. Examples and practice exercises are covered in both parts for delivering clear communication as well as receiving information in communicating.

Part 1 (Delivering Clear Communication)
Overview general and basic ways to increase communication and bond
Overview the elements how animals communicate
To help develop the skill of being clear in delivering communication
Learn ‘HeartSpeak’
Enhance your relationship with your pet and other animals
Examples and practice exercises
Class taught by animal intuitive, L. Leigh Love who has greatly studied animal communication and uses learned and developed skills professionally in her work with animal Reiki, distance healings, Pet Honoring Memorial services and spiritual studies. These same techniques can help you communicate better and have a closer relationship with your pet, as well. I developed these classes because I know how valuable it has been for me and want to share. It is designed for the everyday person wanting to know more about animal communication, the basics and how to increase their own communication and bond with their pet.

This class will be offered through Zoom. Participants will receive Zoom information upon sign up.

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Group- Live Class ($35)

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