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Learn how to slow the constant chatter of thoughts. This class overviews why centering the mind is important and how we can begin to achieve this. It is a fundamental skill of growth and development. A lot of our emotions and how we feel comes from what we are thinking. Often thoughts race at lightning speed. We can even have thoughts we are not consciously aware of. Slowing down the thoughts allows us the opportunity have a better understanding and connection with our thoughts and emotions. You can also learn how to trace your emotions back to a single thought. These exercises will help increase focus, clarity and centeredness.

The goals are to improve self-talk, identify where your emotions come from and develop better communication and decision making skills.

Also helps with Creative Visualization and increasing intuition and receiving guidance.
The first part of the class is lecture and discussion, with the second part on exercises and practices. This is a class in the Life Enhancement – Skill Building Series.  Begin the journey to becoming your own Healer and Teacher.

We can learn to intuit what we need and bring it to us: physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is done through Centering the mind, making friends with our Emotions, Sacred Listening, Learning to Receive, connecting with the Divine, Honoring ourselves and more. We are all Divine. I have developed these classes and meditations to continue to learn and grow and share with others. I invite you to join the series. The format is casual and a low-key exploration of ourselves and Spirit. No experience necessary.  Please contact me with any questions. Namaste!

This is an online class offered through Zoom. Once registered, attendees will receive login info.

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Group Class-Live ($35)

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