‘Roly-Poly and the Light’

Roly-Poly and the Light

Award-winning children’s book!

Roly-Poly and the Light’ is for anyone who has ever felt different. It is an inspirational story of a child’s change encounter, and the friendship, with an unusual roly‑poly, Ayla, who shares wisdom of valuing self, differences and connecting with others.

At any age, this story empowers us with how to appreciate our uniqueness, similarities and differences.

We see how this creates a more beautiful world, both within ourselves and with our connection to others.

Common names for Roly-Polies are Pill Bugs, Sow Bugs, Potato Bugs, Doodle Bugs, Armadillo Bugs, Cheesy Bugs, Wood Bugs, Ball Bugs, Butchy Boys, Slaters and more!

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Featured in Lake Norman Currents Magazine January 2022 issue article by Allison Futterman

Featured in Natural Awakenings Charlotte Check it out!


Lake Norman Currents Magazine January 2022
Lake Norman Currents Magazine January 2022
Roly-Poly and the Light will now be available at Iredell County Libraries in North Carolina!