“My work is about helping us connect with the deeper parts of ourselves and our lives. This deeper, divine space can help us heal and rejuvenate.  We become happier, healthier and more balanced and can transform our lives into something absolutely beautiful.”     
  All of my work address, in part, an aspect of one of these three questions:       

 1) How can we best heal 2) How can we express our divine selves and 3) How can we be better Earth stewards. 

Healing is sacred. We all, without exception, need this at some point and need help from another in doing so. It can be a very vulnerable time. I respect this space and feel very honored to be able to assist someone on their path of health and healing.


Energy Healing Sessions –  for rejuvenation, healing and balancing. Leigh is a Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Pranic Healer. She is trained in ancient and traditional energy healing systems. Bridge-of-Light system is used.

Distance Energy Sessions – Distance Healing Energy Sessions . These sessions are possible because spirit and love transverse through space and the physical. Done in real-time with the client.

Spiritual Cleansing Energy Clearing Session: A dedicated energy clearing/cleansing energy session. The energetic qualities of yellow, lemon and lavender are used in conjunction with Reiki and Advanced Pranic healing techniques. 30 minutes, $45; 60 minutes, $80. (pre-session consult and self healing instructions are included). 

Intuitive Counseling – Leigh is a gifted intuitive and uses these skills along with energy work to provide divine insights, guidance and healing. In-person, tele or video session.

Spirit Medicine Classes, Talks and Workshops- I have developed these classes to continue to learn and grow and share with others. I invite you to join the series.)


Testimonials– Check out these comments on Leigh’s Healing and Intuitive abilities

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L. Leigh Love


L. Leigh Love is a Spiritual teacher, Certified Intuitive Counselor and Life Coach, Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and Ordained non-denominational Reverend. She completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She also has a master’s Physician Assistant medical degree. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for helping clients heal and live their best lives.

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