Spirit Medicine Classes & Meditations

Spirit Medicine Program

Learning practical Spiritual life skills

Begin the journey to becoming your own Healer and Teacher. We can learn to intuit what we need and bring it to us: physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is done through Centering the mind, making friends with our Emotions, Sacred Listening, Learning to Receive, Connecting with the Divine, Honoring ourselves and more. We are all Divine.

I have developed these classes to continue to learn and grow and share with others. I invite you to join the series. The format is casual and a low-key exploration of ourselves and Spirit.

Class location and times: TBA  (audio version avaiable soon)

Class descriptions:

Centering the Mind

Through thought-stopping exercise and guided meditations, learn skills to use the mind as a tool to help you achieve balance and a higher degree of self support. A lot of our emotions and how we feel comes from what we are thinking. Often thoughts race at lightning speed. We can even have thoughts we are not consciously aware of. Slowing down the thoughts allows us the opportunity to use the mind as a tool. Learn how to trace your emotions back to a single thought. These exercises will help increase focus, clarity and centeredness.

Learning to Receive

Not many of us truly know how to receive. We push away, we don’t feel worthy or we just plain don’t know how. However, it goes against the natural flow of the universe to be closed to receiving. Through guided imagery and meditation, in this class, we explore being still and being able to open up our hearts and spirit to be able to receive. We open ourselves up to the Divine gifts and energies extended to us. We learn how to also always follow this with Appreciation and thanks. It is the intention that this class will lead participants to feeling comfortable, good and natural receiving.


Just as important as the ability to receive is the ability to release and let go that which is no longer needed or no longer serves us. Learn to identify thoughts, ideas or fears that are no longer beneficial to us, thank and release them. Through a variety of meditations and exercises, we will explore tools to help us release and feel good doing so.

Communicating with our Physical Body

Believe it or not, your body has its own consciousness. Through exercises and guided meditations, learn to tune into and connect with your body to help you understand what it needs to be healthy and happy. Learn the value and strength in sending each part and the body as a whole, love and thanks. Through making friends with your body, you will have more energy, be healthier and lighter.


Making Friends with your Emotions

This can be a tough one. We often push away or are afraid of the tough emotions such as guilt, regret, sadness, fear, etc. These emotions are misunderstood. They are messengers with great gifts. In order to understand and face the tough emotions, we must first and foremost be impeccably honest with ourselves. It is only after we can do this that we can face the emotions and understand their gifts. Learn how to develop the skills of Self honesty, acceptance and learning from all emotions.



This session focuses on becoming grounded. It explores the feelings and qualities associated with being grounded. This enhances our stability and knowing in life. It helps us feel safe, secure and confident. Attention is paid to developing the inner feeling of strength through guided meditations and exercises.


Understanding your Spirit

We all have a unique spirit. In order to develop, we must understand and know what our individual spirit is like. In this class we learn to explore and connect back with the spirit of ourselves. There is great joy in doing so because we were meant to express this fully. Understanding where your spirit thrives will help lead you to a higher path.

Sacred Listening

Being still. Being open. Learn to get to a true place of just being. With others, true listening involves not engaging in internal dialogue when someone else is speaking. With ourselves, true listening is being open to and at a place where we can receive answers. True listening involves being still and being centered enough to hold an open space to be able to receive.

Connecting with Nature for Spiritual Development

Learn to start to listen to and communicate with nature. We are children of the Earth. We are connected. There are many tools and gifts we can learn to be aware of and use. When we listen to nature, nature starts to respond and help us on our journey. Learn to bring in the talents and gifts of animals, plants and elements to help us achieve our goals.

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