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Spirit Medicine Program

Learning practical Spiritual life skills

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Begin the journey to becoming your own Healer and Teacher. We can learn to intuit what we need and bring it to us: physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is done through Centering the mind, making friends with our Emotions, Sacred Listening, Learning to Receive, Connecting with the Divine, Honoring ourselves and more. We are all Divine.

I have developed these classes and meditations to continue to learn and grow and share with others. I invite you to join the series. The format is casual and a low-key exploration of ourselves and Spirit.




ONLINE Centering the Mind – Class

Centering the mind RAA and BSS

Learn how to slow the constant chatter of thoughts. This class overviews why centering the mind is important and how we can begin to achieve this. It is a fundamental skill of growth and development. A lot of our emotions and how we feel comes from what we are thinking. Often thoughts race at lightning speed. We can even have thoughts we are not consciously aware of. Slowing down the thoughts allows us the opportunity have a better understanding and connection with our thoughts and emotions. You can also learn how to trace your emotions back to a single thought. These exercises will help increase focus, clarity and centeredness. The goals are to improve self-talk, identify where your emotions come from and develop better communication and decision making skills. Also helps with Creative Visualization and increasing intuition and receiving guidance. The first part of the class is lecture and discussion, with the second part on exercises and practices. This is a class in the Life Enhancement – Skill Building Series.  Begin the journey to becoming your own Healer and Teacher.

We can learn to intuit what we need and bring it to us: physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is done through Centering the mind, making friends with our Emotions, Sacred Listening, Learning to Receive, connecting with the Divine, Honoring ourselves and more. We are all Divine. I have developed these classes and meditations to continue to learn and grow and share with others. I invite you to join the series. The format is casual and a low-key exploration of ourselves and Spirit. No experience necessary.  Please contact me with any questions. Namaste!

Centering the Mind Class Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 7- 8:30pm EST




Energy Work Explained

healing handsThis class overviews the basics of energy work. It highlights the many different types of energy work, what energy work is and isn’t, energy centers, what energy work sessions are like and what are used for. This class is an intro to understanding and learning to develop the energy that is available to us all. It is the life force of the universe that we are innately connected to. We’ll explore becoming in tune with your own energy. Sample exercises and activities are used for participants to learn the basics of self healing techniques. Please note this class is not a certification class for becoming a practitioner, but more meant for the everyday person to understand this wonderful ability within us for health and healing.

Offered various times throughout the year.


Healing MeditationElements of Healing: The Basics

This will be a relaxed overview class of the basic elements of healing and some thoughts and tools for everyday life.  Goals are to expand understanding of the components of healing, Increase awareness of healing tools and gain experience in healing. The first part will be a discussion and overview of the components and dynamics of healing with Q&A. Will include some self healing techniques and exercise. Healing is a part of life. Come learn how to increase this for yourself and others!


AGoodDeath copyA Good Death for Yourself and Others:
Tips, Thoughts, Tools and Resources

Back to the Basics – Life Enhancement skills –

A Good Death. Let’s face it, we all want one for ourselves and loved ones.  This class is a gentle, fun exploration of ideas and thoughts on what a good death is and how to achieve it for yourself and others.

We may not be able to take this trip for another, but we can do things to ‘upgrade’ their travels making the journey easier, more comfortable and help them feel loved in the process. We can help do this for ourselves, as well. The presentation will provide practical components as well as tips, thoughts, tools and resources for the many aspects of this transition.  Time for discussion, sharing and Q&A.  $45, Covid special $35!

A Good Death for Yourself and Others-

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 12-1:30p EST




A Good Death For Yourself and Others

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 7-8:30pm

Register for the




The Value of Honoring in Healing Grief TalkSpirit flower

Death of a loved one is often a difficult and painful experience. Sometime we are able to manage through, and sometimes we get stuck in our grief and suffering. We are all familiar with the Kubler-Ross stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. And these are great in helping us understand and process our feelings. But, did you know there are stages even after this? We go through them unconsciously (and often privately) and they are important stages of transitioning and helping us successfully heal grief.

 There are different ways of viewing and understanding death and understanding these latent and later stages of grief. There are things we can do to help us through the transition and help relieve the devastating sense and experience of loss. We can even get to a place where we reconnect to the ‘lost’ relationship and get to a place where we love to remember and continue sharing with the one who has died.

Learning to love beyond the physical is what this work is about. We can learn to love in the heart and reach the essence of that loved one, reaching the relationship on a deeper level and even becoming closer with them. The stages of grieving that hold this potential for transformation, but most often go unaddressed, are the later and latent stages which will be discussed. This talk is about exploring and understanding the deeper levels of grieving and the more intimate components of physical loss and how we can transcend and transform them into something beautiful.


In Development….coming soon!


Better Communication with Pet

Part 1 & 2

Wouldn’t it be nice to more effectively communicate with your pet?

Unless you are a professional animal communicator, you probably wish you could understand and communicate better with your pet. Most of us feel somewhat limited in our communication with them and wish we could be better at it.

I am not a professional animal communicator. I have studied animal communication greatly and am an animal intuitive. I use this intuitive ability in my practice when doing animal Reiki, distance healings, Grief healings from pet loss and Pet Honoring & Memorial services.

These intuitive abilities allow me to get information about the pet that is useful for the session. These same techniques can help you communicDog and Cat togetherate better and have a closer relationship with your pet, as well.

I will first overview how animals communicate. This will help you understand where they are coming from and what they are looking for. Then, I will give some ideas on what you can do on your end.




Healing Pet Grief Workshop

Different than a support group or memorial service, this workshop walks us through the many variables and levels of healing from pet loss. The class will also identify obstacles and barriers and offer ideas and skills to help manage through them. These Pet Grief Healing workshops were created to help and address the process of healing pet loss on the spiritual, emotional and energetic levels.

There is often a lacking of understanding and addressing loss and grief healing at the spiritual and emotional levels, especially for the later stages of grief.  Pet Loss can be just as difficult as other losses, sometimes it can be even harder because of the intricacy of our relationship with our pets and lack of ways out there to help. Pets are our family. Their loss is tremendous. Love is love, after all.Pet Honoring Cat

The Pet Grief Healing Workshops have three parts, each one to uniquely address vital parts of healing grief from pet loss: Expression, Heart-Speak and Honoring. 


Healing the Healer – Class and Meditation


Sacred Listening

This is an invaluable skill. It not only enhances our communication and relationships, it is vital to being able to receive guidance and connect deeper with our intuitive self. Learn the art of creating space and listening. It will enrich your world. Being still. Being open. Learn to get to a true place of just being. With others, true listening involves not engaging in internal dialogue when someone else is speaking. With ourselves, true listening is being open to and at a place where we can receive answers. True listening involves being still and being centered enough to hold an open space to be able to receive.


Intuition for Creativity


Healthy Forgiveness – Workshop

What Forgiveness is and what it isn’t. Learn dynamics of this complex topic and how to achieve it in a healthy fashion for you!


Making Friends with your Emotions

This can be a tough one. We often push away or are afraid of the tough emotions such as guilt, regret, sadness, fear, etc. These emotions are misunderstood. They are messengers with great gifts. In order to understand and face the tough emotions, we must first and foremost be impeccably honest with ourselves. It is only after we can do this that we can face the emotions and understand their gifts. Learn how to develop the skills of Self honesty, acceptance and learning from all emotions.


Please call me to inquire more! Let’s talk…like coffee talk!

L. Leigh Love


L. Leigh Love is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healing Specialist. She completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She is also a certified Physician Assistant. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for helping clients heal and live their best lives.


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Speaking Engagements

Intro to Healing Workshop-Unity Church of Asheville –

Blessing of the Animals – Crystal Visions-Hendersonville, NC officiated

Celebration of Life -Madeline Rose – Boxer Butts& Other Mutts- Officiated

Artisans, Health and Healing Gathering’- Opening Officiant and Speaker: ‘The Value of Honoring in Healing Grief’

United Pet Honoring Ceremony – Officiated – Black Mountain, NC

Brother Wolf ‘Paws to Remember’ — Officiated Pet Honoring Ceremony

Schnauzerpalooza – Charlotte, NC – Officiated a group Pet Honoring Ceremony

*a Certified and Insured Practitioner

Pet Honoring, llc offers animal reiki, welcoming engery sessions and provides services and products to to help with pet loss, pet honoring memorial ceremonies, pet memorial kits, pet loss care packs, honoring wraps for health and transition and offers pet sympathy gifts. These help us transition grief from pet death. Ideal for individuals and families.


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