Intuitive Counseling, Life Coaching and Healing Testimonials:

“Thank you, Leigh, for yesterday! I’m doing very well, so much better,  no longer in “crisis”. I am practicing often  and feeling good results —  strong healing energy!” -E.N. Hendersonville, NC after a distance Bridge-of-Light session and feeling good results —  strong healing energy.

“Leigh is a very compassionate and caring person. I attended several of her meditations and experienced her warm, comforting  energy that surrounds you in a loving hug as she whispers guidance and assurance.” S.H. -Spiritual Healer, Asheville NC

I highly recommend her sessions and am looking forward to attending her next offering.

“You are very gifted” -HP, Hendersonville, NC

“Your healing session was part of me immersing with and reconnecting with the Ascended Masters. Thank you!” -PL, Hendersonville, NC

“Everything all came together after our session. It was a pure delight.” STE, Mills River, NC

“I’m just so grateful for your love and light.” Alice B. Chicago, IL.

“I want God and the Universe to know what a huge help you have been to me, especially in difficult times. Last Friday when I didn’t know what to do, in my heart I knew you would help guide me and I was right.” Tom C., Baltimore, MDSkin Diesel Sept19 Pet Honoring

“Thank you so much My session with you has continued to have a strong impact on my day to day. Truly one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.” -Sherry D. Raleigh, NC

“You are a true healer and spiritual teacher.” -Joan L. Williamsburg, VA

“I did the exercises you suggested and it felt like I cleared out some fear and loneliness. Fear has been a huge part of my life, from my earliest memories as a small child. So in a way it has been my constant companion. Maybe there is some struggle to let that go, as uncomfortable as it makes me, and as hard as it has been, that is the best I can come up with. At least I know i want to let it go, so that is a good thing. To replace something, you know with something you don’t know, or are unsure of how to do/be (happiness, joy) is confusing and scary. You and others tell me it can be done so I believe it, I just have to live it! As you say, practice, practice, practice. I think, too, that there is the thought in the back of my head that what if i let the fear go and there is nothing there at all? That is the most terrifying thought of all b/c that means I would be truly alone. I’m just thinking out loud here – I’m sure it is stuff you have heard or thought of before. I’m still learning. Thanks for letting me discuss my fears/stress/anxieties with you as i learn to replace those with joy/happiness/peace. My soul feels more and more settled as I do these exercise and we work together. Thank you for believing in me and helping me see that I can do this!” Sarah S. High Point, NC

“You have a unique talent and bring spirit into your work.” -ATJ, Brevard, NC

“Everything all came together after the Reiki  Session. it was amazing!’ -SK, Asheville, NC


‘I didn’t know what to do. But you helped me heal my grief from when Coco died. you helped me with the guilt.  thank you! You are a gift.” DJ, Etowah, NC


‘I helped heal  my joint pain after the Intro to Energy Medicine class. how exciting!” -BB, Mills River, NC

Such a blessing:

“The session was such a blessing for me and continues to gift me. You are a gifted healer.”

Powerful distance healing session:

“Thank you so much for our session last evening and for the gift of loving, healing energy. It was so affirming and powerful.” – CL, Cary, NC

Relief after 30 years:

“My hands are still warm!  I’ve had cold hands for a long, long, time — at least 30 years — and in one Reiki session you worked wonders.” – CG, North Carolina

Continued Thanks:

“Thanks for your patience and all you continue to teach me. You are truly a bright light in the world!”

Life Altering:How deep is your love Spirit Honoring

“Leigh has such a warm and comforting wisdom about her, and our Reiki sessions have truly been life altering for me. Each time her energy is so powerful and her compassion is so present, and I am always struck by how much she cares and feels for those around her. Her skill at healing through energy work is evident during every session.”   -BBJ, Asheville, NC

Comfort after pet loss

“I’ve been wondering for a long time if ‘she’ hears my prayers and if she knows how much I love her. Thank you for the comfort you’ve provided. And you hit the nail on the head with your description of her. She was my spiritual guide and best friend, and I know what you say it true: she is so very sweet, deep and wise. I thank you with all my heart.”  -N.R.

Unique ability:

“Leigh brings a wonderful talent that has and will continue to have, a dramatic impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual life as I move forward on a significant challenge in my life. She brings a unique ability to channel energy from a powerful source that I otherwise could not tap into with such focus, a peaceful journey. This is important to me and Leigh as well. Also, she has included Mattie, her dog, into this experience. What a joy and sensitivity Mattie brings to this unusual and positive experience.  Obviously, with this impact, bringing a peaceful state of mind ,I strongly recommend Leigh’s ability in Reiki.”    -JB, Swannanoa, NC

“You are a true light of love!”  – CNG, King William, VA

Just what I needed:

“I received a Reiki Energy Healing session, from Leigh, that was just what I needed to carry me through a challenging time. For two days after the session I could feel the energy flowing from time to time. As a result I experienced deeper sleep and a calming of my nerves during the day. I did not feel like I was alone in my struggles! I highly recommend going to see Leigh Meriweather at her beautiful Reiki room. Thank you Leigh.”              – B.H. Asheville, NC

Whole new person:

“Leigh, thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki session last week. Having never had an energy session, I wasn’t sure what to expect. You did such a great job of explaining everything, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions. I felt so comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. I was amazed at how rejuvenated I felt afterward and how that energy has continued. I really feel like a whole new person. Your insights afterwards were enlightening and profound. You have such a warm and gentle approach to healing. Thank you for helping me feel my own divinity! I can’t wait for the next session! Much love to you!” -MBJ, Mechanicsville, VA.

Healing and self-confidence:

“My work with Leigh has honestly changed my life. The energy work has not only helped bring physical healing to my life, it has also brought about emotional healing and helped me to connect with a deeper part of my own spirituality. The depth and expansion of our sessions, both Reiki and Intuitive, have truly touched and enhanced every aspect of my life. I feel a greater sense of vitality, awareness and a deeper love than ever. Her talent for teaching and healing has brought me more joy and self confidence than I can truly express. She is the most authentic healer and spiritual teacher I know.” –B.B. Chesterfield, VA.

True purpose in life:

Leigh’s guidance and encouragement has really helped me to discover my love for writing. She encouraged me to start writing about all of my experiences. As a result, I have come to appreciate and understand that writing really helps me to think about my purpose in life in a deeper and more meaningful way. I have started expressing myself through poetry and short stories, and she has even encouraged me to start a blog that may help others by reading about my personal experiences. Her guidance and influence has opened up a world to me that I’ve never previously considered. I now view Leigh as a mentor and an invaluable source of inspiration. Thank you Leigh, for helping me to find my voice and my true purpose through my writing! -MAC, Asheville, NC.

Event opening:

I was most honored to have your beautiful energy here with us on our first gathering like this, Leigh. You made this a very special day, that I will and all will never forget.  Your opening prayer and energy and all of our energy brought the sun. When the sun came out during the end of the prayer, is something none of us will never forget.  That was truly my awe-inspiring moment of the day. Your words during your speaking was very powerful and I can’t thank you enough for what you do for people and pets.  What a true gift.        –Allyn Cook, AHH event organizer

First Reiki Session and healing:

“A few months ago, I received a Reiki session from Leigh. During that time, I had been struggling with an inflammatory condition for many years. I was told by several doctors that my only option was to mask the symptoms with medication and hope that my condition would eventually just go away. None of the doctors could explain what caused my condition or tell me how to resolve it. After years of frustration, I finally decided to look into alternative means. In my very first session with Leigh, I felt an amazing release and healing in the affected area. The symptoms simply went away, and I was immediately able to completely come off of the medication. One Reiki session with Leigh healed what traditional medicine couldn’t in 10 years. And she did it holistically with a remarkable sensitivity and aptitude for energy work. I am so grateful to Leigh for her gentle, nurturing spirit, and for her continued influence over my physical and spiritual well being. She is a truly blessed and gifted healer.” -MMB, Midlothian, VA.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling:

Thank you, Leigh….for all the kind words and enlightenment. I go through periods of time when I need someone else to shine a light on things that look so dark to me. Fear has been a huge part of my life, from my earliest memories as a small child. I did the exercises you suggested and it felt like I cleared out some fear and loneliness. You have kept me sane through all of this and I so feel the warm blanket of love all around, thank you so much for this! I love your sincere love and your energy, it’s priceless. You are a true healer and spiritual teacher. Love to you.  – J.B. -Williamsburg, VA

Pet Honoring Ceremony:

‘We’ thank you for your heart warming “Pet Honoring Ceremony” and your “Blessing of the Pets” this Sat morning at SchnauzerPalooza.  Getting together with others involved in rescue work is always a delightful and re-affirming gathering.  However, your ceremonial additions made this day even more special.  Leigh, you are obviously “tuned in” to others and provide a healing experience for pet loss that all of us need.  Your empathic nature allow you feel, find and encourage the emotional and spiritual release we need as pet parents. Thank you again (and Mattie) for coming and enhancing a social get together and making it even more special.

 -K & C H.Gastonia NC

Beloved Honoring Ceremony:

“Leigh loving preformed a ceremony to honor the passing over of my mother which culminated with planting flower seeds in a small raised bed in my backyard.   I feel the peaceful presence of my mother as I tend this garden.  My mother is always in my heart, and I have a strong sense she knows my love.  Leigh’s wisdom, skill and heart are true.”

“Leigh’s genuine generosity of spirit shines through all of her work as a healer.  Her insight regarding the connections between humans and those they love (other humans or animals) is rare.”       -TP, Richmond, VA

Pet Healing Energy Session: 

I continue to believe quite strongly that our sessions with you have helped Holly – and Lucy. I am a Christian with strong Faith and you have provided amazing support and comfort to us via your special abilities/gifts, for which we are very, very appreciative and we thank you. What a kind and generous spirit you have. I am convinced there has been Divine Intervention into both the girl’s health and well-being – to which I also give you a heartfelt thank you. I truly believe your amazing assistance has helped both my girls. you possess an incredibly caring, healing gift and we are blessed to have you in our lives. – and me —K.W. Atlanta, GA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.pngL. Leigh Love is a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Certified Life Coach offering unique services of Creativity Coaching and Angel Reading with Energy Healing Session. She is an accomplished Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Pranic Healer. She completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She also has a master’s Physician Assistant medical degree. She uses her intuitive skills in animal communication and offers Pet Honoring sessions. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for helping clients heal and live their best lives.


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