Wolf Honoring

 For those that wish, please join in this Wolf Honoring Ceremony by taking a moment to say a loving prayer and hold sacred space for our wolf family.


Wolf Honoring, Loving and Protection prayer

Loving wolves, we honor your spirit and send you great love.

Thank you for being here and sharing your wisdom and strength.

Thank you for your love of Mother Earth and all her creatures.

We ask Divine protection to be with you,

and for you feel our love and appreciation.

We honor your presence here on Earth.

We ask for light and love to surround you

and to be in the hearts of all humans.

Please help ease the anger,

and for all to feel the grace of love and compassion.

Help us all to feel your love.

Help us to know our own divinity and for us to shine bright.

Bless the wolves, and bless the humans.

Bless our life in harmony with all.

We ask for love, comfort and protection for all in need.


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2 Comments on “Wolf Honoring

  1. I hope that all of the wolfs will get well soon and still howl at the moon. from Wendy Sells

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