Category: Animal Stories

Boyfriend Duck

I was out of town on business after work on day and strolled down to the local park which has active wild life. This time in particular, I was looking to let others feed the ducks while I shared bread with the local beaver… Continue Reading “Boyfriend Duck”


My 12-year-old black lab and companion, Kelsey, had recently passed. I was trying to distract myself with work in the office. Mattie, my 1-year-old lab, somehow conveyed to me that she was missing Kelsey. I stopped what I was doing and took some time… Continue Reading “Ladybug”

Roly Poly

This story is for anyone who has ever felt different. I went to visit with a toad friend of mine, where the water is set out for him. He was not there. I called for him and reached out for a stone in the… Continue Reading “Roly Poly”

Wolf Honoring

 For those that wish, please join in this Wolf Honoring Ceremony by taking a moment to say a loving prayer and hold sacred space for our wolf family. Wolf Honoring, Loving and Protection prayer Loving wolves, we honor your spirit and send you great… Continue Reading “Wolf Honoring”