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The Bodhisattva and You

We are all familiar with who the Bodhisattva is. For those who are not, in Mahayana Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a person who is able to reach nirvana (an enlightened state or paradise), but chooses to delay doing so completely out of compassion in… Continue Reading “The Bodhisattva and You”

When You Lose Yourself

There are occasions, invariably, when one loses oneself. What is meant by this is, that you find you’ve gotten caught up in something or gone down a wrong road. Sometimes, the next step we take seems right at the time, but ultimately, we find… Continue Reading “When You Lose Yourself”

Steps to Healing & Tools to Help

Being a healer and fascinated with the healing process, I’m always thinking about these components, what is needed and how we can best heal. I referred out a potential client the other day who called requesting help with an issue. During our pre-consult, he… Continue Reading “Steps to Healing & Tools to Help”

Your Life is a Team Effort: The Art of Allowing Support

Your Life is a Team Effort: The Art of Allowing Support The saying ‘You are never alone’ is commonly spoken. But how often do we really feel those supporting us? If you do, count yourself lucky. For the rest of us, read on to… Continue Reading “Your Life is a Team Effort: The Art of Allowing Support”

Tips on Choosing a Healing Professional

With so many different modalities and healing professionals out there, it can seem like a daunting task to choose. How can we better know how to navigate finding the right healer for us or us on our healing path? Here are some tips, guidelines… Continue Reading “Tips on Choosing a Healing Professional”

How deep is your love?

yes, I’ll be corny and reference a popular Bee Gees song. I do so love that song. I find it a heartfelt dialogue between God and human. Take a deeper listen and I’m sure you’ll hear it, too. Now, let’s get to the real nitty-gritty… Continue Reading “How deep is your love?”

Engaging in a Life Review – Part 2

During my ordination training, it was taught that upon completion of this life we are asked three questions by God, What did you do? What did you learn? What did you love? This really could be all that is said in this article, as… Continue Reading “Engaging in a Life Review – Part 2”

Engage in a ‘Life Review’ – Part 1

They say that after you complete this life there is a review period… a reflection time to overview your life. It is said this is done with complete love and without judgment.  We assess our choices, state of being, how we handled things, lessons learned, etc. I don’t… Continue Reading “Engage in a ‘Life Review’ – Part 1”