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Emotional Body: Intake and Releasing

The Healthiest You Series As discussed in the previous article, the Emotional Body has a digestive system, much similar to the physical body. It just works in the emotional realm. What this means is that there is a system of evaluation. In a healthy… Continue Reading “Emotional Body: Intake and Releasing”

The Emotional Body: the Basics

The Healthiest You Series Many of us understand how to achieve better physical health: exercise, eat well and get enough rest…plus or minus a few other rules. However, how many of us are aware of the other bodies we need to take care of?… Continue Reading “The Emotional Body: the Basics”

Spiritual and Energy Cleansing Lemon Bath

Yellow is a ‘sun’ color. It makes us feel happy and optimistic It lifts the soul. It is cheerful, joyful, friendly. It helps you go through changes. Lemon is a natural cleanser with qualities of purification and love. The lemon symbolizes the human heart,… Continue Reading “Spiritual and Energy Cleansing Lemon Bath”

Soon Love Soon – Vienna Teng

[] This particular performance and this song elevates me. I never tire of it.