Three Things & Improve Sleep

Three Things and Improve Sleep

The activity is simple, but it took years to develop and is based in deep spiritual and energetic philosophies. It is designed to provide peaceful dream-time and to diminish nightmares, sleep terrors and anxiety dreams. I created it for myself and my clients. I hope it helps you, too.

Here is what you do to improve sleep:

In the moments when you close your eyes for sleep, follow these simple steps to help you drift off into peaceful slumber and improve sleep.

Surround yourself in golden light. Next,

·        List 3 things for which you are thankful

·        Think of 3 Things you love about yourself

·        Give 3 Blessings for others

Let’s walk through the idea and meaning behind each step.

Surround yourself in golden light.

A simple act of protecting yourself in sleep time energy. You can also use a rose quartz colored light. When we sleep, we are in an altered and somewhat vulnerable energetic state. Surrounding oneself in golden light is a way to help protect that energy space and improve our sleep. It also fosters a sense of safety within us, which is very important.

List 3 things for which you are thankful

This step is designed to help us recall and remember the blessings of the day. It is a reflective time. It is easy to gloss over the day with what is on our ‘to do’ list or things which we are worried about. The listing of thankful items brings the to focus to the good.

If there aren’t three things from the day, then any other 3 things for which you are thankful. The 3 things can be little or big. Sometimes, the tiniest recall of a happy moment can fill us with so much joy. Being thankful is a great energy to be in just before sleep. It sparks joy and brings that in to improve sleep.

Think of 3 things you love about yourself

People will often rephrase this to things I ‘like’ about myself. And while this is fine, the goal and intention of this part of the activity is to support yourself in things you LOVE about yourself.

We do not spend enough time in good reflective thoughts and moments of identifying where we shine. This is important for personal growth and development.

We need to give ourselves credit and be self-supportive. This activity is also part of embracing your goodness. It helps create a sense of inner strength and knowing. The things identified here can be little things or big things about yourself that you love.

Give 3 Blessings for Others

A feel-good activity. It’s a gift to give a blessing to another. It’s adding a little grace to their spiritual bank account. A blessing is a form of love.

A wise soul, Kelsey, once told me that ‘The greatest gift we can give another is love.’ Likewise, John O’Donohue espouses that we have long forgotten that we have the power to bless. This activity is listed to help keep us in the flow of giving. It lightens our heart and engages love on  soul-to-soul level. Plus, it just feels good to give.

That is the good sleep activity, pure and simple to help improve sleep.


Often, I find that I fall asleep before getting through the entire activity. If this happens, great. Hopefully, you are off to a happy and peaceful dreamland to improve sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can continue, or pick up the next evening. Alternatively, you can just start over the next evening.

Other peaceful sleep generating tips would to be cognizant of what activities you do during wake time. Meaning, spending time watching or reading horror stories, violence or serial killers puts us in this energy field. Limit watching the news, and especially before bedtime to improve sleep.

Tip: Engage in peaceful daytime activities to improve sleep

More so, be aware of things that are your nightmare or poor-sleep triggers. For me, some of triggers are some OTC supplements and medications, engagement with certain people and warm/hot night time temperatures. I avoid these to improve sleep.

Also, confer with your healthcare provider to ensure you are getting enough nutrients which improve sleep, such as magnesium, vit D, and iron, and b12 just to name a few.

There are also medical conditions which contribute to poor sleep such as Endocrine disorders and sleep apnea. There is an entire medical specialty dedicated to Sleep Medicine.

Sleep is meant to be restorative and is a vital part of our health and well-being. Attending to better sleep is a great self-care activity.

Energy work, guided meditations and intuitive sessions also be transformative, healing and help improve sleep. These can help clear and cleanse our energy fields and help establish harmonious states of being. I love helping clients in this fashion.

Sweet dreams and Namaste!

-L. Leigh Love


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