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Bringing in what you need…

The Healthiest You Series The Emotional Body: Part 3, Nourishing Just as the physical body needs nourishment, so does the Emotional Body. At first glance, we can readily acknowledge that this nourishment is supplied by the emotions and experiences of love, joy, comfort, happiness,… Continue Reading “Bringing in what you need…”

Emotional Body: Intake and Releasing

The Healthiest You Series As discussed in the previous article, the Emotional Body has a digestive system, much similar to the physical body. It just works in the emotional realm. What this means is that there is a system of evaluation. In a healthy… Continue Reading “Emotional Body: Intake and Releasing”

The Emotional Body: the Basics

The Healthiest You Series Many of us understand how to achieve better physical health: exercise, eat well and get enough rest…plus or minus a few other rules. However, how many of us are aware of the other bodies we need to take care of?… Continue Reading “The Emotional Body: the Basics”